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Laem Kruat School

I went to Krabi, Thailand in January 2005 after the tsunami.  My host was Prasit Tabthong.  After a few days in Krabi town and Phi Phi isalnd, I decided to accept an English teaching assignment at an elementary and secondary school. I worked with children ages 10-15. The school director/principal had asked for a volunteer to teach English providing free housing with a Thai family, his own. Monday morning Prasit took me to the Provincial government headquarters and introduced me to his boss and a peer, their first names Sit and Wasit. They were very gracious, I gave his boss my testimony and we discussed the tsunami and relief efforts. The following day I began living with the Laem Kruat school director Pi Yong and his wife Pi Lek for the next two weeks. The school is in Krong Mak in the Nua Krong district. It is very rural, about 30 miles from Krabi, there are some rubber trees and lots of palm trees. The children come from one of two villages, one is a seaport village and the other about a mile into the jungle. I worked with the schools regular English teacher, Mayuree. The schedule was different from day to day, but typically we taught 5 classes. The students were almost all Moslem while the teachers were Buddhists. In preparation I made copies of a number of handouts, some that Prasit gave me, and others that I brought, also more of my testimonies, in English and Thai. I bought 50 more pens, a couple of tee shirts and 3 dress shirts, as more formal dress is preferred. I searched to no avail for Thai Bibles, they don't exist new or used. I bought a Thai dictionary with transliterated words and phrases. My host, Pi Yong spoke little English and his wife none. Mayuree agreed on the curriculum to use, some English work sheets and then the songs - Talking Colors and God Loves Me, Bratton Specialites songs,  which I of course had to explain in detail.

I began each class telling about myself and our family and the reason I had come to Thailand and about what we do. In all the classes I used the Wordless Book bag to teach both how to say the different colors and also for me to share the Gospel. I taught the first two numbers, addresses, and talked about passports. I found out there would be no school for the next two days. Thursday was competition, some of our students competed against other students in other schools, Then Friday there was no school because of a Moslem holiday. I taught the Woman at the Well to several classes, then had some repeat students in one class I told them the Good Samaritan. I gave my testimony in writing (English and Thai) to several of the classes and to practice our English I read it aloud to them and then had them answer the questions. None accepted Christ that I know of, but the seed is sure planted. Later in the week two teenage girls accepted Christ!

We played spider ball velcro target game for review in a few of the classes. I had to make the questions very simple and do a lot more teaching and explaining. I usually had to write out the questions on the chalk board, and then write out all but one word of the answer, or I just get the "deer in the headlight look". The two students in English who are competing I prepped by helping them write out what to say, one is describing a beautiful beach to go to in Thailand and the other a department store shopping for English books. Most students received a Gospel coin. I prepared a Zonk game and concentration game on card stock paper for Monday's classes.

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