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Calvary Chapel at the Bridge was an international Phuket Church, and is now a Thai Church called The Seed Church Thachatchai

Calvary Chapel at the Bridge started as a home Bible study taught by the late James Garwood who was pastor of Calvary Chapel Baan Naam Khem in Phang Nga.  He asked me to turn the study into a church and to be the pastor.  That was in February 2008.  I pastored the church until March 2017 when my wife Cindy and I returned to the US.  The church is now called the Seed Church of Thachatchai and is pastored by Levi Nok, a Thai  national.  He speaks English well but services are in Thai only.  This church is located in Thachatchai next to the Sarasin bridge that connects the provinces of Phang Nga and Phuket.  The bridge between God and Man is Jesus Christ.  

The church meets  in the Thachatchai Community Center on Soi Thachatchai, coming from Phuket or the airport go past the Thachatchai check point and turn left on Soi Thachatchai. 

 Sermon and Bible study notes and Power Points are available for download.

Some background -

Calvary Chapel is a non-denominational, Evangelical fellowship of churches which began in 1965 in Southern California. The term "fellowship of churches" is used in contrast to a denomination. Calvary Chapel has over one thousand congregations worldwide.  The original Calvary Chapel is Calvary Chapel  Costa Mesa which is pastored by Pastor Brian Brodersen, following the passing of Pastor Chuck Smith.. Doctrinally, Calvary Chapel is evangelical and strongly committed to winning people to Christ and equipping them to serve Him.

Calvary Chapels use a pastor-led church governmental system.  Tongues and prophecy are not a normal
part of Sunday morning church services, but they are held as doctrinally valid, as are all the gifts
of the Spirit. Calvary Chapels faithfully uphold expository teaching, a "verse by verse, chapter by chapter,
 book by book" approach to teaching the Bible. This essentially means that our sermons are
directly related to a passage of the Bible, and following sermons will start where the previous sermon left
off (often this is done from Genesis to Revelation). We hold the opinion that a steady diet of topical
studies only largely fail to present the "whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:27) and that ministers who use
this approach often choose topics that they have a certain inclination to teach, while leaving out important controversial issues of the Bible. It is Calvary Chapel's desire to teach, not just preach the word, in order
to equip and train laymen for everyday ministry as well as encourage development of a personal
relationship with Christ.

Calvary Chapel at the Bridge history
Jum,  moved to Thachatcai in October 2006 from Ban Nam Khem to continue an outreach started by Calvary Chapel Baan Naam Khem to this northern Phuket village, Pastor James Garwood came Sunday afternoons to bring the Word. After we came the bible study became a church.
  Calvary Chapel Baan Khem was pastored by Pastor Pichai after Pastor James Garwood died.  Much support and leadership was given to that church by missionaries Joe and Joann Cochran.  Now that church is pastored by Pastor Echo.  I was assisted through the years by missionaries Joe and Sarah Nelson for six months and missionaries Duke and Sunshine Redline for five years.  We were greatly helped by our translators Gahn served with us for a year.  Ree served with us for six months and Day served with six months. Ohn was with us for seven years on staff, translating Wednesday nights, on the daily radio program, and doing children's ministry, and Sana volunteered translating on Sundays for seven years.  

Ohn Sana
Ohn Sana

 An altar call


Ten were baptized in the sea on March 9, 2008 see more baptisms pictures here.


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