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FOOD (ahaan)

pehng expensive, aroy delicious, pèt:  spicy,  

geut tastless, soet :  fresh, prìaw sour, khem bitter,

waan sweet,   khem salty,  teuk cheap,   

LANGUAGE   (paasaa)

yaak: difficult,    neuy: easy,    sanuk: fun,

 buea :  boring,   sonjay :  interesting

COUNTRIES   (pratet)

 suay beautiful,   naaw cold,    yen cool

 ron hot,   uèn:  warm  yay large,  lek small

kawlii:  Korean aylen :  Ireland amerika America

jiin:  Chinese kampuchaa :  Cambodia

wiatnaam:  Viet Nam 

Q:  khun maa jaak prateht aray khrap?

    What country are you from?

A:  pom maa jaak pratet ___________ khrap. 

PEOPLE   (khon)

son naughty: suay beautiful, lo handsome,  na kelÄ«yd ugly,

naìa rek lovely, cute,   soong  tall,   tiìa short,   

ruay rich,   con poor uan fat,  pom slim,  

jahy dii:  kind,  chalat clever,  keng:  expert

nak heavy,  supaap polite, jaay raay nasty,  

cay ron hot tempered, jaay yen good tempered,  

riìap roygood-mannered,    ki kiat lazy,

ka yan diligent, du strict,  naìa klua scary,  

jaay kwaan helpful, jaay keehp:  unhelpful

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