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Supplement to the Purnell Thai Language Course Module One


Numbers, colors and places 

* Dates and telling the Time

* Adjectives

* Phrases, Questions, classifiers, and family

* Vocabulary/Dictionary alphabetized in English

Thai is a tonal language with five tones.  The best way to show this in English is using IPA
high tone       low tone         rising tone    falling tone, and mid tone has no mark.

The majority of the symbols in the IPA are based on the letter forms of the Latin alphabet, like in English,  however an initial c sounds like a j, an initial k sounds like a g, an initial p sounds like a pb, and an initial t sounds like a dt. Those letters when followed by an h, then have the usual English initial sound, i.e ph, is p as in put, it does not make an f sound.   The N sounds like ng. For more information see

Excellent resources for learning Thai and other dictionaries are at, also see and

A comprehensive site on learning Thai is at

If you have trouble viewing the fonts see

You can download the vocabulary list in Excel format for printing.  You can view the entire dictionary here.

You can download the entire module 1 supplement in Word format for printing

Adjectives ] Dictionary ] Numbers, colors, places ] Phrases ] Time and Dates ] Vocabulary List ]

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