God's Word for Today Galatians 1

September 16, 2012


This morning we start a study in a new book, the book of Galatians.   Sometimes students in college will use abbreviated notes on a text book to study rather than the whole book, they use sort of a condensed version.  Reader’s Digest publishes books and a monthly magazine with condensed stories and books.  The book of Galatians has been called the condensed version of Romans, you will see some similarities.  When I studied Greek in seminary we used this book of the Bible as our text book, we had to translate it from Greek into English.

    Galatia was not a city. It was a territory. It covered an area that is now in Turkey. There were several churches founded by Paul in the region of Galatia. So it would seem that this letter was circulated between the different churches.  A reason for Paul writing this letter was to address a problem.  After Paul shared the gospel with many in the area and churches were formed, there were men who came in and began to preach another gospel which is not a gospel.

The word gospel means good news. And if you tell me that God will forgive me all of my sins and account me righteous, if I will simply believe in Jesus Christ, that's good news. But if you tell me that I must then follow certain rules and regulations and be obedient to the law and keep the law of God in order to be righteous, that's not good news because no one's been able to do that.