God's Word for Today 2 Corinthians 12b

September 14, 2012


Paul discovered that this thorn in the flesh was something that God had allowed in his life.
Paul said in verse 10,  when I am weak, then am I strong.  Because then Paul is now experiencing God's strength. God didn't answer his prayer in the way Paul prayed it or wanted it, because God is sovereign. God doesn't have to answer my prayers as I pray them. God is not a genie. He isn't there to fulfill three wishes. He isn't there to bow to my demands. I'm not running the universe. And if I have good sense, I won't even seek to run my own life. But I will commit the keeping of my life to Him. I will seek His guidance and His direction.

If you went around asking people if they were satisfied with the way God designed them, many would say, no. It wouldn't matter who you asked, even the "beautiful people" would say no, there is this defect or that. 

It seems so unfair that we didn't have a say in how tall we were going to be, our skin color, hair color, eye color, hair texture, and especially body shape. But let’s face the facts. No matter how close to the mark God got to your idea of the ideal body, there would always be something to complain about. That's because we're constantly comparing ourselves to other people. We're always too something, too fat, too thin, too short, too tall.   God has put His mark of ownership on you.