God's Word for Today
2 Corinthians 8

August 22, 2012

I receive emails from churches in Pakistan, India, Kenya, and Nigeria asking me to give to support their ministries. Some ask me to come there also to preach and teach. I have to write back and tell them, that I cannot give, but will pray for them, since we are missionaries ourselves living off the support given to us by friends, family and churches in the USA. Helping others when you can is a great blessing. There were some poor churches in Macedonia. The Roman province of Macedonia consisted of what is today Northern and Central Greece, the geographical area of the present-day Republic of Macedonia and southeast Albania. The churches there were still generous in giving to meet the needs of others. Paul believes the church in Corinth, which is far south of Macedonia, would like to participate in helping the needy too. Now I am not going to spend too much time on this because we have already come across several passages both in the Old Testament studies in Exodus and in the New Testament in I Corinthians, and some might say, “you only speak about giving money.” I hope that you know by now that I only teach verse by verse through the Bible, so when the subject comes up, then here it is. We will have some in this chapter and some in the next. The Bible has much to say about money and much about giving, so the subject will come up often. Jesus is our greatest example; He became poor so we could become rich in Him. He gave Himself for us.