God's Word for Today 1 Corinthians 4

June 3, 2012


Paul was an apostle.  The word means “one who is sent”  the same basic meaning as missionary however, generally we refer to the office of apostle as one who was one of the twelve disciples or first missionaries, like Paul.  Paul said he was one of the ministers of Christ, the Greek word  is the under-rowers. They were the guys down in the bottom of the ship handling the oars, usually chained to the oars. And the fellow up on top would call the order for them to row and which side to row, the under-rowers. And so Paul uses that particular Greek word here, "We are the under-rowers of Christ. We're down on the bottom level. We're just pulling the oars at the command of Christ."You will notice also as we read the passage, that a minister of Christ is a "steward of the mysteries of God." In Paul's day, a steward was the person who managed the household for the owner. He had charge of the house, the food, the clothing, and often had some control over the master’s money for the buying of household items and paying debts.  He would give out things to the household as they needed them. Just so, a minister of Christ should dispense the Word of God to the members of the household of faith in the church. Paul says a steward should be found trustworthy.  Now it is not only apostles, pastors and missionaries that are stewards.  You too are a steward, God has trusted you with some things in your life that he wants you to share with others.  

Here we will have that word mystery again. Remember that mysteries are those things which had not been revealed before but are now made known. The mysteries cannot be understood by the natural man. It is only the Spirit of God who can take the things of Christ and show them to us. The "mystery" here is actually the gospel, the Word of God. Since we are stewards of the "mysteries of God," we are to reveal those mysteries to others who haven’t heard the Gospel yet.   For more see www.wdbydana.com/sermon.html