God's Word for Today Romans 9

April 7, 2012


It may seem strange that Paul would interrupt his discussion of salvation and write three chapters mainly to Jews, the nation of Israel. Why didn’t he move from the doctrinal teaching of Romans 8 to the practical duties given in Romans chapters 12-15? It shows that God is not through with Israel.  He still loves the Jews and has plans for them too.  Paul loves his own people the Jews very much, even wishing that he could trade places with them.  At first all the Christians, including probably this church in Rome, were Jews.  The Gospel then began to go to other people and most of the Jews rejected Christ.   Also this section speaks to all people about justification by faith.

Some Jews thought Paul was a traitor to his own people, they thought he should have stayed with the religion of his people and not gone after another religion, or they thought he had mixed in other teachings about Jesus, that they never believed before.  They didn’t know that this was just the next step God was taking in carrying out His plans to save all people who would believe in Him.

Paul said in Romans 8 that the believer is secure in Jesus Christ and that nothing or no one can separate us from the love of Christ. But someone might ask, “What about the Jews? They were chosen by God, and now it seems they are set aside and God is building His church.

Paul defended the character of God by showing that Israel’s past history showed the goodness of God.  He specifically named four attributes of the character of God.  He speaks of the faithfulness of God in verses 1 -13, then the righteousness of God in verses 14 -18, the justice of God in verses 19-29 and finally the grace of God in verses 30-33. 

In chapter eight he spoke of the election or choosing by God of people to be Christians and here he speaks about God choosing Israel.  So first he tells us more about the blessings of their being chosen by God in verses 4 -5.  For more see www.wdbydana.com/sermon.html