God's Word for Today Romans 6

March 18, 2012


Paul ended chapter five talking about being in Christ, through the grace of God.  There was a contrast between the sin of Adam and the obedience of Christ.  No matter how great the sin, the grace of God is greater.  Someone might suggest, then the more we sin, then the more grace God gives.  The subject of this chapter is the ability of God to make sinners, whom He has declared righteous, actually righteous in their daily lives. He shows that the justified sinner cannot continue in sin because he died and rose again in Christ. To continue in sin leads to slavery to sin and is the additional reason for not continuing in sin. The believer has a new nature now, and he is to obey God. This section shows that a believer should not do as he pleases. Before we were united with Adam, now we are united with Christ.  Union with Christ in His death and resurrection means that Jesus is now our Lord and our Master. He gives us freedom, but that freedom is not permission to sin, as we are going to see.   A great Bible teacher in America challenges people who are struggling with sin in their lives, to memorize this passage of Scripture at least the first few verses.   It says, “what shall we say,” but you can make it personal and say, what shall I say, shall I continue in sin that grace may abound?  God forbid how can I who am dead to sin continue to live in it?   About twenty six years ago, I believed God was calling me to be a pastor.   One of the things I was convicted about, that I must stop doing, if I ever was going to be effective in the ministry, was to stop smoking.  I knew I was harming my body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit and this would be a bad testimony, for a man who would be a pastor to be a smoker.  Yet, it seemed since I had smoked for many years, since I was ten years old, it was very difficult for me to quit.  I did two things that made me able to quit this habit.  I memorized these verses in Romans 6, and when I was tempted to smoke, I would say them, and the second thing I became accountable to a group of people.  I was teaching a home Bible study and I told them, I have been a smoker for about 20 years and God has convicted me, that I must quit, please pray for me and hold me accountable.   If I continue to smoke, I will tell you.  After that night at the Bible study I have never smoked again.   It makes a big difference when you consider yourself dead to sin, because a dead person doesn’t sin.  Before we trusted Jesus as our Savior we were dead in sin, now we are dead to sin and alive to God.

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