God's Word for Today Romans 3 & 4

March 10, 2012


Romans 4 Abraham Justified by Faith โรม4อับราฮัมเชื่อในพระเจ้าและเพราะความเชื่อนั้นเอง   พระเจ้าทรงถือว่าท่านเป็นคนชอบธรรม

In chapter 3 we studied justification by faith.  Now Paul gives an example by telling about the life of the patriarch Abraham.  He also mentions King David.  In Paul's day Abraham and David were greatly respected by the people of Israel.  Abraham was the founder of the Hebrew race, and David was their greatest king. Paul wants to show through their lives, that there is agreement between the Law and the Gospel.  The Gospel doesn’t contradict the Law.  In Galatians is sometimes called the short or condensed version of Romans. For more see www.wdbydana.com/sermon.html