God's Word for Today Acts 25

January 7, 2012


The Jewish religious leaders wanted Paul transferred back to Jerusalem when Governor Fesus was their visiting from Caesarea.  But the governor refused, saying he would hear the case back in Caesarea.  The enemies of Paul certainly didn't waste any time getting to the new governor to try to get a judgment against Paul. We don't know whether Festus was aware of their plan to ambush and kill Paul.  But he asked that they come to Caesarea to bring their charges against him.  Soon court was called into session with Governor Festus as the judge and the accusing Jewish religious leaders came from Jerusalem.  There was nothing new, still no evidence of any crime that Paul had committed.  Since the Jews had presented no evidence against him, Paul said in his own defense, "I have committed no offense either against the Law of the Jews or against the temple or against Caesar.   Festus was in a difficult situation.  Paul was a Roman citizen, falsely accused and obviously innocent. But to release him would make the Jewish leaders angry.  The governor of Judea was expected to keep the peace and make the Jews happy.  To try to have justice and make the Jews happy, Governor Festus offered to have another trial in Jerusalem. 

Rome was known for its justice, and Paul respected authority. However, Paul is not getting justice, and so he makes a legal appeal. Paul used his rights as a Roman citizen.  This has gone on long enough it is time for a court to decide on Paul’s guilt or innocence.  Governor Festus agrees to Paul’s right to appeal and be heard in Rome but first he appears before other leaders in Caesarea. 

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