God's Word for Today Acts 14

December 3, 2011


Paul and Barnabas worked to start a number of churches in the villages of this region and later Paul would write a follow up letter to those churches which we have in our Bibles as the book of Galatians.   The people of this area were Gauls the same as people living in France at that time.   In the fourth century B.C. they invaded the Roman Empire. Later they crossed into Greece and captured Delphi in 280 B.C. but . In 189 B.C. they were made subjects of the Roman Empire and became a province. For many years they retained their customs and language. The churches which Paul established on this first missionary journey were included at one time in the territory of Galatia.  They crossed over the length of the island of Cyprus, and then sailed to Perga in Pamphylia. Then they traveled up into the cities of Antioch, Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe. These are the cities of Galatia.

You will remember in chapter 12 that King Herod Agrippa was thought to be a god by the people, he accepted the worship and praise of the people and God struck him dead.  Paul and Barnabas didn’t want the people to honor and worship them, but rather to believe in the Lord Jesus and obey Him.  God alone is the one to be worshipped and praised.  The man had real faith to be healed. When Paul told him to stand upright on his feet, he leaped and walked. The people in the area were influenced by both the Greeks and the Romans who believed in many gods. When they saw what Paul had done, they began to shout that the gods had come down in the likeness of men. Their eyes were on Paul and Barnabas. But Paul and Barnabas want them to have faith in the Lord Jesus not be impressed by the miraculous sign gifts God allow them to do to show the message of the Gospel was true.  

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