God's Word for Today Acts 16b

December 10, 2011


Many people want to know about the future.  These business people were making a real profit from this lady who could tell the future.  Christians must avoid fortune telling and horoscopes, we don’t want to give any opening to Satan and his demons.  Many people this next week are celebrating the vegetarian festival.  The desire to purify your self is good one, but how does one become pure?  We can avoid eating met, not have sex, not drink alcohol, for a time, but then are we really pure?  No.  The only way to become pure is to believe in Jesus Christ, and then He makes us clean, He makes us pure.  A part of the vegetarian festival is to have a spirit come into your body to give you a special power like this woman, who had a special power to tell the future.  People here in Phuket want power to put sharp metal through their body, or to be able to walk on fire.  But this spirit that would give a person such power is this spirit a good one or a bad one?  There are evil spirits who never want you to know about God.  The Bible tells us to be filled with Holy Spirit of God, but we dare not be filled with any other spirit.  We know that God holds our future.  Paul and Silas were imprisoned because they were Christians, and had cast out the evil spirit from the fortune teller woman.  Falsely accused, beaten, and unjustly imprisoned, Paul and Silas were still praising God.  Our happiness does not, or should not depend upon our circumstances.  

    So Paul and Silas were put in jail but we read next in our passage in Acts 16:25 they were praying and singing.  They were rejoicing in the Lord.  Paul mentioned in his letter to them, that they helped him in Thessalonica, which is one of the cities we will talk about next week.

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