God's Word for Today
Acts 5

November 9, 2011


The Bible speaks of spiritual gifts that God gives to Christians to enable them do the work God wants them to do.  Gifts of healing and gifts of miracles were sign gifts which were given to the apostles. They did many signs (a miracle that shows a message from God) among the people. The discipline in the church had put a fear on the people. Yet there were those who were still being saved. Believers were being added to the Lord. We know that by B.C. 300 there were millions of people in the Roman Empire who had turned to Christ.

At that time there was no written New Testament. The apostles were witnesses to Christ. The sign gifts were given to them to demonstrate the fact that they spoke with God's authority.  God gave them the ability to do signs and wonders. Today we have a written New Testament as our authority.   So miraculous gifts of healing are not as important, but God does still heal and show His power and His truth.

The Second Persecution  (Acts 5:17-42)

We have seen that there was discipline within the early church. Now we find that there is persecution from without. When the apostles exercised their gifts, they produced a reaction.   It is an interesting thing, you can do great wonderful things for people and still someone won’t like what you did or won’t like you.   Two of the disciples were arrested, not for doing anything wrong, but only for sharing Good News about Jesus,  but after their arrest the  prison opened for them.   They then began sharing the Good News again.

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