November 20, 2011


Saul was a very intelligent man.  He was probably educated in a school in Tarsus.  He was also a student in the school of Gamaliel, a famous rabbi and Hebrew scholar. He was trained in the details of the Jewish religion. But he did not know the Lord Jesus Christ. "Who are you, Lord?" Saul seemed to recognize who was speaking to him and called Him, correctly Lord.  How it must have shocked and scared him to discover that Jesus was the Messiah, Christianity was true, the gospel was God’s truth, and he had been fighting against God not for God.

Acts กิจการ 9:6-9 Jesus gives Saul instructions and Saul is blinded

6แต่เจ้าจงลุกขึ้นเข้าไปในเมือง   และเจ้าจะต้องทำ   ประการใดจะมีคนบอกให้รู้”

7คนทั้งหลายที่เดินทางไปด้วยกันก็ยืนนิ่งพูดไม่ออก   ได้ยินพระสุรเสียงนั้น  แต่ไม่เห็นใคร

8ฝ่ายเซาโลได้ลุกขึ้นจากพื้นดิน   เมื่อลืมตาแล้วก็มองอะไรไม่เห็น   เขาจึงจูงมือท่านไปยังเมืองดามัสกัส

9ตาท่านก็มืดมัวไปถึงสามวัน   และท่านมิได้กินหรือดื่มอะไรเลย  

This is a remarkable conversion. He immediately wants to obey the Lord Jesus. This man who hated the Lord Jesus, who did everything he could against Him and His followers, now calls Him Lord.   And he asks what the Lord would have him do. He has been completely changed.  This man was blinded by the light that he had seen from heaven.  Before he was blind to the spiritual truth of who Jesus is, now he was physically blind for three days and had to led by the hand.   Later this man would write about his background and the change in his heart in Philippians ฟีลิปปี 3:4-11  For more see


Acts 9