God's Word for Today Exodus 35

January 29, 2011


There is a lot of work for Israel to do. They had to build a Tabernacle according to the detailed instructions from God, that Moses received up on the mountain, before the golden calf incident.  Now they were back on track ready to build, but before they do anything, they must enter into God's rest and respect the Sabbath.  The same principle is true for our walk with God. Anything we do for the Lord must grow out of our rest in Him and rest in His finished work on our behalf.  We will also see here that obedience to God is required.


         This offering came from God's command, not from Moses' clever fund-raising techniques. This shows God's normal way of gathering and using resources for His work.  He chooses to almost always fund His work through the willing gifts of His people. He works this way

            Now you may remember God chosen a few skilled craftsmen to do the work of making what He had commanded.  The leaders of the work of building the tabernacle had a unique inspiration of the Holy Spirit to do this important and practical work. Since God wanted the work done according to a certain pattern, it made sense that He specially inspired some to do the work. we need to be a giving people.  For more see www.wdbydana.com/sermon.html