God's Word for Today Exodus 33

January 23, 2011


God said, "I won't stay so close to you, because I might wipe you out - but go your way."

God is sending the away from Mount Sinai and God told them they could have the Promised Land, the land flowing with milk and honey, but He would not remain with them in a close, personal way. If they were satisfied with that arrangement, it would prove they only loved God's blessings and not God Himself. If they pleaded with Him for His presence, not only His blessings, it would show a genuine heart for God Himself. This was the first step towards revival in Israel.After Israel's heart was turned towards God and after they humbled themselves by removing their ornaments, Moses took the next step towards revival and restored relationship. He initiated a determined effort to seek God, making his own tent a tabernacle of meeting.

God told Moses to make a tabernacle of meeting when Moses was on Mount Sinai. But the tabernacle wasn't built yet. This wouldn't stop Moses from taking extraordinary measures to seek God. He determined to make his own tent a tabernacle of meeting.  The people watched and noticed when Moses worshipped. When Moses worshipped, they also worshipped. Moses prompted the people to draw close to God by his own example.  The personal revival in the life of Moses was an example to the entire nation, but it was a special example to his servant Joshua. When Moses drew close to God it also drew Joshua close to God, so much so that Joshua did not depart from the tabernacle. (Pastor David Guzik)  For more see www.wdbydana.com/sermon.html