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May 2016

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Current events

A couple contacted me though our church website, friends of theirs have a daughter who was sick in Southern Thailand with Dengue Fever.  We got her phone number and the name of the hospital.  Kay, not her real name, a 20 year old from the state of Washington was traveling alone and staying on the island of Koh Lanta, a three hour boat ride south of Phuket.  She had just been released from the hospital, but knowing from experience of the many symptoms and side effects, we invited her to come stay with us.  We picked her up at the pier on Friday and took her to Mission Hospital where they determined she had hemorrhagic (bleeding dengue) as I had suspected with her bloody noses. She stayed with us ten days and did remarkably well in answer to prayer. The nosebleeds stopped but she had nausea and vomiting for six days and stayed in bed with little appetite.  Cindy took her to the hospital twice to have blood work done and the second time it was determined she was well enough to travel.  She spent a couple of days in a beach bungalow before flying back to Seattle, Washington much to the relief of her parents.

On the 21st we celebrated my 60th birthday with a trip to our local water park, Splash Jungle, and had a very nice day.  In June the new international terminal will open at the airport, providing a lot more additional space for the many travelers we get here. Cindy is going to change her teaching schedule with Habitat for Humanity to Wednesay and Friday afternoons so she can join me at the airport every Tuesday and Thursday for Tourist Police volunteering.   In February of next year the Billy Grahan Evangelistic Association will be conducting a celebration (crusade) here.  Praise the Lord!  I am serving on a committee to help reach English speakers here and hope to be involved with churches, too.  We had our first meeting of the international committeee and we have a big kick off rally at the Merlin Hotel with all the churches and committees on May 13.  On May 12 I am performing a wedding.    


Teaching the Word in Thailand  

 We have radio programming every day,  The radio station is now streaming live on the internet so we can reach Thai speakers around the world Star FM 98.75 mhz..  We are studying the book of Matthew in God's Word for Today radio program.   I am translating answers to questions at with help from Wanta.  Podcasts of the programs are at and  listed also on iTunes.  Sunday mornings at church we are studying Psalms, and Wednesday nights we are studying the book of Job.  See  Some of you may have noticed that the main website was redirecting to the podcast, that problem has been fixed.

 Praise and Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord we have a radio station to broadcast on with a much wider range in Phuket and Phang Nga.  Everday 7:30 - 8:00 streaming on the internet.  Pray that many will listen to the broadcast and the Holy Spirit will help them to understand.

Pray for the salvation of the people in our village and for the discipleship and maturity of the believers, equipping them for the work of the ministry.

Pray for all our children at church who starting back to school in a few weeks and we are helping them to buy their uniforms.

Pray for the Evangelistic Celebration happening herre in mid February for 3 days and all the work before and after the event, that thousands of Thai people will be saved.

Pray we can begin a youth ministry for teens in our church

Pray for Ohn our church staff, that God will bless her ministry with us and help her with her health..

Pray for two Thai men to mentor, one as youth pastor and one as senior pastor.   Surin a man who has been a believer for 15 years recently joined the church.

Pray for Sana, for her family, and for her business.  Her Mom and sister don't know the Lord yet.  

Pray for our shut ins Pi Ja and Pi Dang.

Pray for Duke and Sunshine as they returned to the USA.

Pray for Pastor Joe, his wife Sara, their children Joey, Jacob, Tyler and Marissa Nelson in USA 2 months.  See 

Pray for Pastor Eh Khaw and his wife, La La, leading Calvary Chapel Baan Naam Khem.

Pray for Pastor Eric and his wife MJ Johansen who leads the Calvary Chapel Bible College In Mae Sariang.   Eric is currrently in Patong filling in for Joe. . 

Pray for more online missionaries for Global Media Outreach Thai community.  Please pray for Sana and  Siri,   Pray for follow up discipleship on the many professions of faith. . 

Please pray for a few additional financial supporters.  We are very thankful for those who support us each month.  

May God receive all the glory for what He has done and is doing in Phuket and Phang Nga Thailand and beyond.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. God bless you, with love, Dana and Cindy Bratton

Donation checks for our missionary support should be made payable to Shepherd's Staff   Mailing address:  6739 Academy Road NE Suite #320 Albuquerque, NM 87109  Reference account #2067 or online at, monthly EFT is available.        Personal gifts can be made through PayPal

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